From the Office Of AKRA

AKRA Rule Book Updates
Effective Immediately

Page 49:

Carburetor Requirements:
The minimum protrusion of the e-tube into the Venturi must be check by the
newly approved NO GO gauge Huayi .488” or Ruxing .479. Change (Ruxing .479 to Ruxing .478)

Page 9:

A. Head Gear
Add(Full-face helmets designed for competitive motorsports use, that comply with Snell Foundation specifications M2005, SA2005, SA2010, K98, K2005, M2010 or SFI 24.1, 24.1/2005(Youth), 24.1/2010(Youth), 31.1A, 31.2A, 31.1/2005, 31.1/2010,  41.1/2005, 41.1/2010, 41.2a or FIA 8860-2004 or Snell-FIA CMS/CMR2007 or ECE-22.05 or newer are mandatory. )

Page 47:

BOX STOCK AMATURE/NON PRO Age 15 to 17 years –375 lbs. – 87 Octane Gas Only - Approved engine: All 6.5 Clone OHV Engines, with .550 inch maximum intake restrictor, and AKRA approved Exhaust System required. Steel drum shoe type clutches only. (Tires – Local Club Tire Rule)

Page 50:

Piston to be weighed with the oil ring assembly on piston, minimum weight 145 grams.

Effective: 5/23/2016


Page 12:

2. Wheelbase: 43.0 inches maximum, 39.75 inches minimum. Wheelbase is
measured from true axle centerlines, each side. This measurement includes all sprint chassis.

Page 13:

(Add) If single rail nerf bars are used they must be of Z bar design to protect driver from side impacts. Minimum diameter of 1” tubing OD and .065” wall thickness minimum.